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Valorization in Human Health and Life Sciences

About the Symposium

How do we bring good science to the market? In order to answer this question the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, in collaboration with KennisKring Amsterdam and De Baak Management center, bring two excellent speakers to the stage, in an unconventional workshop on Tuesday October 19, at the ING building in Amsterdam.

Dennis Selkoe 
Dennis Selkoe, this years’ recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the VU University Amsterdam in collaboration with the VU Medical Center, has devoted his lifetime career to the use of molecular approaches to study Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease and related basic biological questions. During the nineties he has also been the founding scientist of Athena Neurosciences later on acquired by Elan Pharmaceuticals where Dr. Selkoe now serves in the Senior Board of Directors.

Wim van Gelder 
Wim van Gelder, an internationally well known scientist with a passion for translational science and previously director of Numico, later on acquired by Danone, made major contributions in the professionalization of this company, which also produces medical food. Currently he acts as Senior Vice President in the Danone Group, known in our field in particular for their work on medical food.

Harry Starren 
Our moderator is Harry Starren, CEO of one of Europe’s most established corporate training institutions, De Baak (Holland). With his thought-provoking style and out-of-the-box method as a corporate leader, entrepreneur, trainer and coach, he has helped hundreds of professionals to lead in a creative and inspired way.

We cordially invite you to join in an inspiring afternoon. Participation in this workshop is free, however we ask you to register in advance given the maximum of 250 participants. We offer ‘open’ dialogue and a complimentary reception afterwards where we can meet our honorary guests and members of the presidential boards of VU and VUmc, as well as board members of the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam.

Arjen Brussaard
Philip Scheltens




Tuesday October 19, 2010 - 14.00-17.00 o'clock
Venue ING building (Amstelveensweg 500, 1081 KL, Amsterdam) 

14.00 - Introduction- Arjen Brussaard

14.10 - Dialogue - Harry Starren

14.25 – Statement - Dennis Selkoe

14.40 - Interview

15.00 - Dialogue - Harry Starren

15.10 – Statement - Wim van Gelder

15.25 – First reaction – Dennis Selkoe 

15.35 – Interview & Discussion

15.55 – Closure remarks– Arjen Brussaard

16.00 – Reception

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