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Cause, Cure and Care

We focus on the biological mechanisms underlying common mental health and neurological brain diseases, applying the latest technology and thereby providing new perspectives on therapy. Finding the 'cause' of brain diseases, design its 'cure' and implement this to the level of 'patient care' are all in the center of our research ambition.

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Career development> We care about the brain
Career development

We care about the brains of our students. We care about the mix of generations in our clinics and laboratories, since it creates a perfect 'community of learners'.

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Sharing our knowledge> We care about the brain
Sharing our knowledge

NCA is very keen on valorization. To this end we have launched a dedicated Industry Alliance Office, which represents our key opinion leaders and offers the internal scientific expertise and facilities to the industry.

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Our Key Opinion Leaders> We care about the brain
Our Key Opinion Leaders

Philip Scheltens: 'It is my strong belief that many great ideas on therapeutic issues are perceived when doctors and scientists are brought together.'

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We care about the brain> We care about the brain
We care about the brain

'Care' in the context of being curious, and being worried; 'care' as in wanting to cherish something beautiful; 'care' as in being 'passionate' about an object or a piece of art.

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2 April | 13.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (P.G. Nijland)

7 April | 15.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (S.M. Adriaanse)

9 April | 13.00-17.00 | Conference / Symposium

VUmc IT and SURF event: Support4Research

13 April | 12.30-13.30 | Seminar

Neuro Imaging Seminars (Alle Meije Wink)

14 April | 11.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (M.E. Steenweg)

16 April | 9.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (J. van Dongen)

17 April | 15.00-16.00 | Lecture

VUmc Alzheimercyclus (Lars Bertram)

21 April | 13.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (Z.S.R.M. Boudewijns)

22 April | 11.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (R.G. Astill-Schutte)

23 April | 08.15-18.00 | Conference / Symposium

Annual Meeting 2015 Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam

29 April | 09.30-15.30 | Conference / Symposium

Symposium ‘Neuropsychiatry in Parkinson’s disease’

29 April | 13.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (C. Vriend)

1 May | 11.45 | PhD conferral

PhD Ceremony (C. Möller)

6 - 17 July | Cursus / training

CNCR summerschool for international students

25 September | 09.30-16.30 | Conference / Symposium

VUmc Science Exchange Day 2015 for VU/VUmc Research Institutes

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